Lifecare Medical Associates, PC


Preventive Health And Nutrition

Our entire staff is dedicated to your best health. Below are most of the options that our office offers to help you with preventative health and nutrition. If you are curious about a service not listed, please feel free to ask our staff if that is something we offer!

    • Routine Preventive Health Exams for All Ages


    • Women's Health Prevention
      • Cardiac Risk Assessments
      • Pap and Breast Exam
      • Dexa Scans (Osteoporosis)
      • HPV and Other Immunizations
      • Colon Screening


    • Male Health Prevention
      • Cardiac Risk Assessments
      • Prostate Health (PSA)
      • Immunizations
      • Colon Screening


    • Smoking Cessation
      • Counseling
      • Medication
      • Weight Management


    • Complete Nutritional Services
      • Nutritional Programs for Specific Medical Diseases
      • Diabetic Education and Management
      • Cholesterol Management
      • Weight Control
      • Nutritional Support for Osteoporosis



Preventitive Health & Immunizations

Complimenting our emphasis on preventive health, we offer a full range of pediatric and adult immunizations. We also participate in the New York State "Vaccines for Children" Program which provides low cost immunizations to those in need. You may access our complete adult and pediatric immunization schedules by clicking below.